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Commercial Cleaning

Cleanliness in educational institutions is critical, especially given what happened during the recent pandemic. Although many schools have ratcheted up their cleaning and sanitation protocols in the last few years, there’s still room for improvement — such as partnering with a commercial cleaning company. Commercial cleaning can help you reduce the spread of illnesses throughout the school and promote better overall wellness among students. Find out how in this blog.

When you hire an external company to come to your business premises, you want to be sure of 2 things - they complete the job at a high standard, and they conduct their work in a safe manner. Having a Cm3 certification won’t help you with the first one, but when it comes to ensuring you've hired a team well versed in Work Health and Safety requirements, Cm3 has you covered. 

Ensuring Your Business Does Regular ‘Test & Tagging’ Of All Electrical EquipmentIs your Electrical Equipment safe to use? Is your Test & Tag Register up to date? For many of the industries we work with, the risk of electrocution within the workplace can be high. It’s reported that each year, the majority of these incidents […]

How Often Should My Business Be Cleaned? And What Should My Cleaners Be Doing?Cleaning and infection control management plans have risen from the least important to the highest priority of all business operations. The cost of having your business closed, or closed for longer than absolutely necessary is massive. Without a strong plan, businesses will struggle during […]

Infection Control in the Workplace Are your teams heading back to the office or has Covid-19 meant your Workforce is busier than ever? After experiencing unprecedented times, our lives will look different well into the future. The way companies’ protect their teams and the responsibilities of team members has no doubt changed for the better to […]

Without a SOW you’re leaving money on the tableTrying to find a little room in the budget for some staff incentives? Thinking about a new office with ocean views? A revised Scope of Works document could be the answer. With August already nipping at our heels, the new financial year is in full swing. Did […]

The Dirty Side of CleaningWhen thinking about the worst jobs in the world, cleaning is certainly high on the list. It’s an industry for the brave-hearted and hard working. For this reason, cleaners around the world are a special bunch with stomachs of steel and very few complaints. When I started in the industry over […]

Waiting Room? Wait in StyleWe’ve all been there… Sat waiting at the doctors or accountants, gingerly flicking through grubby copies of ‘New Idea’ from 2012. Signing up to 2 or 3 magazine subscriptions keeps a fresh copy of the latest issue in your waiting area; a sure fire way to make sure your clients are comfortable and […]

What is a HEPA filter and why should you care?Without getting too nerdy, HEPA stands for “high efficiency particulate air” and are filters present in most high end vacuums (if not they can be purchased separately). When vacuuming, a genuine HEPA filter traps micro-particles of dust that would otherwise be recirculated back in to the air, picking […]

Nobody puts EOFY in a cornerDoes the date June 30 make you feel uneasy? Profit and loss figures getting you down? You’re not alone. The end of financial year typically means three things; closing the books, preparing tax returns and a great deal of stress. As a business owner, I have previously fallen victim to […]