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Cleaners represent one of the most vital groups of workers in the country. Without them, homes would become unliveable, restaurants would become hazardous to health, and hospital workers would be unable to do their jobs. In short, cleaners are the invisible heroes of Australian society and deserve fair wages reflecting their crucial contribution.

When you hire an external company to come to your business premises, you want to be sure of 2 things - they complete the job at a high standard, and they conduct their work in a safe manner. Having a Cm3 certification won’t help you with the first one, but when it comes to ensuring you've hired a team well versed in Work Health and Safety requirements, Cm3 has you covered. 

Ensuring Your Business Does Regular ‘Test & Tagging’ Of All Electrical EquipmentIs your Electrical Equipment safe to use? Is your Test & Tag Register up to date? For many of the industries we work with, the risk of electrocution within the workplace can be high. It’s reported that each year, the majority of these incidents […]

How Often Should My Business Be Cleaned? And What Should My Cleaners Be Doing?Cleaning and infection control management plans have risen from the least important to the highest priority of all business operations. The cost of having your business closed, or closed for longer than absolutely necessary is massive. Without a strong plan, businesses will struggle during […]