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Clean & Healthy Learning Environments: The Benefits Of Commercial Cleaning in Schools

As the Queensland Health Department notes, diseases can quickly spread in schools (including early childhood education and care services) because students play together frequently and spend a lot of time in close proximity. 

Cleanliness in educational institutions is critical, especially given what happened during the recent pandemic. Although many schools have ratcheted up their cleaning and sanitation protocols in the last few years, there’s still room for improvement — such as partnering with a commercial cleaning company.

Commercial cleaning can help you reduce the spread of illnesses throughout the school and promote better overall wellness among students. Find out how below.

How Germs And Bacteria Spread In Schools

Germs and bacteria can spread throughout schools in several ways, including the following:

  • Touching the face, which spreads germs from the hands to the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Touching food and lunch or snack time, especially if children have not washed their hands properly.
  • Coughing and sneezing can easily spread airborne illnesses in classrooms, play areas, etc.
  • Touching surfaces like desks, pencils, and toys that harbour germs.

While it might not be possible to eliminate illnesses from schools completely, educators and administrators should still strive to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria as much as possible.

When students get sick at higher volumes, they and the entire school suffer. Here are some examples of how poor cleaning practices (and an increased spread of germs) can impact student health and performance: 

  • Fewer absences: Healthy students miss school less frequently, meaning they don’t have to worry about catching up when they return.
  • Increased engagement: Healthy students have an easier time staying focused in class and retaining information.
  • Reduced stress: Students and teachers have enough to worry about without also feeling concerned that they’ll get sick at school and potentially bring illnesses home to their families.
  • Reduced need for substitute teachers: If teachers are consistently getting sick, they’ll have to miss work and leave their students in the hands of substitutes, who don’t have the same connection with the class or an in-depth understanding of each student’s needs.

One of the easiest ways to avoid these issues is to implement strict cleaning and sanitation protocols for the entire school and individual classrooms.

Benefits Of Regular Commercial Cleaning In Educational Institutions

Commercial cleaning can help to minimise the spread of germs and bacteria, reducing absenteeism among students and staff and creating a healthier learning environment for all.

It also offers additional benefits that administrators (particularly those who are on the fence about investing in professional cleaning services) should keep in mind, including these:

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Commercial cleaners can reduce the amount of dust and other allergens that build up in school, from residual dirt and dander in the carpets to mould under the sink.

Commercial cleaners improve indoor air quality by addressing these issues and helping students and teachers avoid respiratory problems and other potential health conditions

Greater Time Savings for Teachers

Teachers shouldn’t be tasked with deep cleaning their classrooms. They have enough to worry about without also spending more time scrubbing on their hands and knees.

If you want to level up the cleaning and sanitation at your school, don’t put that responsibility on your teachers. Help them save time and focus on what they do best by hiring a commercial cleaning crew.

Increased Peace Of Mind

Everyone, from teachers to parents, can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that you have hired a commercial cleaning company to address the school’s sanitation needs regularly.

This peace of mind creates more bandwidth for everyone to focus on their responsibilities without also stressing about getting sick (or their child getting sick). It also reduces the amount of time you have to spend responding to queries and concerns as an administrator.

Improved School Reputation

Nobody wants their school to be known as one where students and teachers consistently get sick. Investing in commercial cleaning helps to prevent this issue and shows the public how much you care. 

What Can Commercial Cleaners Do?

Commercial cleaners off a wide range of services that extend beyond wiping down counters with a dingy rag. The following are some of the practices commercial cleaning companies will use at your school:

  • Deep cleaning bathrooms, hallways, gymnasiums, and other public areas
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Emptying trash bins
  • Cleaning windows (inside and out) and mirrored surfaces
  • Dusting shelves and other surfaces
  • Maintain cleaning supplies to ensure they’re as effective as possible

Commercial cleaners also offer decontamination services, spraying disinfecting solutions throughout the school to combat outbreaks of influenza, hand-foot-and-mouth, COVID-19, and more. They work quickly to sanitise the school and ensure it’s safe for students and teachers to return. 

The Importance Of School Cleanliness For Student Performance

If you need an extra push to invest in commercial cleaning, consider the research that shows a strong link between school cleanliness and student productivity. 

According to this study conducted by the APPA (Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers), Cleanliness is one of the four most crucial building elements for an educational institution (along with noise, air temperature, and lighting) to have a positive impact on student learning.

The study polled 1,481 students, and 88 per cent reported that a lack of cleanliness becomes a source of distraction when it reaches Level 3 (described by the APPA as “casual inattention) and Level 4 (“moderate dinginess).

Approximately 84 per cent of participants also shared that they have high standards of cleanliness. They prefer APPA Level 1 (described as “orderly spotlessness”) or Level 2 (“ordinary tidiness”).

Clean Feeling: A Leading Provider Of Commercial Cleaning Services In Brisbane & Mackay 

A clean school is a productive school.

When you prioritise cleanliness and sanitation, you set your teachers and students up for greater success in the classroom. You also improve the school’s reputation and create a more positive learning environment.

If you want to invest in your students’ and teachers’ health with commercial cleaning, Clean Feeling is here to help.

We offer safe, effective, customised cleaning solutions that meet your school’s unique needs. Contact us today for a free quote.

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