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Public Facilities

Cleaners For Public Spaces, Government Buildings & More

We pride ourselves on being an honest and straight-forward company. From working with Project Managers throughout Queensland we’ve found that some of the key issues they struggle with are cleaners not meeting their expectations and having to spend time constantly following them up.

We understand that you can’t be everywhere all at once, so you need a trusted cleaning team that communicates well and responds quickly. We look after your properties like our own, we’re the eyes and the ears on the ground.

We’ve helped a range of businesses improve their reputation, increase foot traffic and gain new clients based on their fresh motivation and approach to business. Such as:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Taverns, RSL Clubs & Night Clubs
  • Retail Outlets
  • Public Spaces
  • Government Offices

Each location has distinctive needs such as daily and periodical cleaning requirements, deep cleaning, sanitary services and toiletry supplies, safety accreditation and so on. All of these needs are discussed during our site-visits and collection of information, then collated into a simple, easy to follow scope of works and requirement. 

Our teams use digital software to check-in daily, complete the cleaning requirements for the day and quickly report any maintenance requirements for our clients.