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It's not all about Covid!

We've conducted more decontamination cleans in the last couple of years than we ever anticipated, and for good reason. Decontamination of a location after an outbreak of covid is one of the most effective ways to remove potential viruses and increase confidence in your people.

However, we haven't just started decontaminating since Covid-19. There are many settings in which infectious diseases can be a common occurrence. Whether it's an influenza outburst in a medical centre, parvovirus within a veterinary clinic, or hand foot and mouth within schools and daycares; a periodical, or as required decontamination provides a clean state and peace of mind for our clients and their clients.


Infection Control PDF

After experiencing unprecedented times, our lives will look different well into the future. The way companies’ protect their teams and the responsibilities of team members has no doubt changed for the better. Our Infection Control PDF is a handy infograph aimed at educating team members of best practice in the workplace to keep everyone safe.

Infection control pdf Infection control pdf