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Why You Need To Hire A Commercial Cleaner For Your Commercial Property

There is a common misconception out there that a cleaner does the same thing regardless of the type of premises they are cleaning or what the business does. But this simply isn’t the case. And unfortunately, this leads to many costly and potentially dangerous errors when hiring cleaning contractors.

Each Business Is Unique 

Every location has its own set of specific requirements, and the cleaning company you hire must understand this. 

For instance, a gym will have significantly different requirements than an RSL due to traffic levels, weather, interior materials etc. While that might seem obvious to you, many cleaning companies don’t take the time to customise their clean to the business, and many businesses don’t realise that this is something that needs to be done. Understandably, they just assume hiring a cleaning company means things will be “clean”. 

Foundational Tasks

That’s not to say there are zero similarities between the needs of businesses. 

Through our years of experience, we have developed a great template of foundational tasks that we always recommend to be completed, regardless of industry type or location.

These tasks ensure that no matter who you’re serving, your team, your clients or both; you’re providing a clean, safe environment.

These tasks are room specific and include: 

Reception or Greeting Area

Most businesses will have an entrance area, whether it’s a waiting room, reception area or just a transitionary space, first impressions matter. 

  • Windows and glass doors - These are something that requires attention every single clean. Additional glass panels are typically cleaned periodically depending on location/weather/needs. For example, a retail shop might require these to be cleaned more frequently than say, a warehouse. 
  • Front entryway sweep/mop - Shoes are dirty, and opening and closing doors always bring in a lot of dirt and debris. 
  • Disinfecting handles - High touch areas are always a top priority. 

Offices/Treatment rooms

  • Disinfecting of desks where accessible
  • Polishing of sinks
  • Cleaning and re-lining waste bins removing waste

Kitchens and Bathrooms 

These are the non-negotiables! Areas where you definitely require regular in-depth cleaning. Due to these spaces being both high traffic and high risk, neglecting these locations is not an option.

  • Sinks scrubbed to remove stains, handles, appliances, fridges disinfected
  • Microwaves need to be cleaned of any spillages and food
  • Communal tables and chairs need to be wiped and disinfected
  • Removing waste, cleaning spills and drips from walls and appliances
  • Toiletry consumables replenished
  • Toilets and urinals disinfected and mopped


These are the tasks that need to be done, just not every single clean. It’s extremely important to have them written down though and planned for so that they do not end up neglected and slipping through the cracks. 

  • The dusting of blinds and ceiling fans
  • Cleaning air con split system filters and vents
  • Spot cleaning walls - This is a big task so we recommend undertaking a few sections each clean, to complete it over a month.  
  • High window cleaning 
  • Pressure cleaning of entrances, pathways and carparks 

There are just a few of the many different items that need to be addressed by your commercial cleaners. 

Why a Residential Cleaner Isn’t Right For A Commercial Business 

Many commercial cleaners don’t include residential cleaning within their services. It doesn’t mean that residential cleaning is any less, far from it. But what it shows is that residential cleaning requires a whole different skill set as the needs and requirements someone has from their home are very different to a business.  

It also often requires a slightly different administration and management approach for cleaning companies. For example, you might not care if your home cleaner is Cm3 certified, but when it comes to protecting your business, this is a must. 

Researching a local, trusted (and insured) contractor that specialises in residential cleaning will always be our best recommendation.

How Clean Feeling Can Help Your Business 

At Clean Feeling, protecting your staff and premises is our top priority. 

During each site visit, we get a feel for the size and scope of cleaning required for your location. We'll put together a simple but thorough Scope of Work and Proposal to include all regular and periodical cleaning tasks. This is yours to keep for free.

Our teams not only clean but will keep you updated with any maintenance tasks they come across. Supervisors and Quality Assurance officers rotate through all of our client locations to spot check both quality and the scope. Then every 12 months we'll check in with you to make sure the scope and our service are meeting your needs.

If you would like to experience the Clean Feeling for yourself, contact our team today for a free quote. 

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