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Targeting High-Touch Areas: The Key to a Cleaner, Safer School

For parents and schools, student well-being is always front and center. With schools bustling with activity, it's crucial to keep an eye on those high-touch areas where germs love to linger, like door handles and light switches.

By zeroing in on these spots and keeping them clean, schools can make a big dent in germ spread. 

Let's dive into some key areas that need that extra bit of attention and how to tackle them!

Classroom Desks and Tables

These are germ magnets since students spend a lot of time here. A quick wipe with sanitation wipes after each session can work wonders (don’t forget underneath too!)

And reminding students about hand hygiene, especially after sneezing or before eating, can really up the classroom's cleanliness game.

Bathroom Facilities 

We're talking about the works here – toilets, taps, door handles, and those soap dispensers everyone forgets to refill.

Regular scrubbing and making sure there's always soap can encourage everyone to keep their hands clean. And don't forget those reminder signs; they really do help.

For more information on why bathroom cleanliness matters, click here.

Lunch Areas

These high-traffic areas can quickly accumulate mess, particularly on tables and chairs.

Encouraging students to tidy up after themselves, perhaps with a simple wipe of their area, contributes to overall cleanliness.

Having enough bins available is essential to prevent leftover food from attracting pests such as rodents and insects. A thorough cleaning of these areas after lunch is also crucial for maintaining a hygienic environment.

Water Fountains 

These need a look-in too. A regular spritz and wipe can keep them fresh and less germy.

Library Books and Computers 

Think about giving those books a gentle wipe and hitting the keyboards and mice with some tech-friendly cleaner.

It's all about keeping those shared resources ready and safe for the next user.

Sports Equipment 

A wipe down post-PE class ensures everything's ready to go for the next round of activities.

Shared Electronic Devices

Tablets and computers shared in class should get a clean between uses. A bit of alcohol-based cleaner (that's safe for devices) can do the trick.

How Commercial Cleaners Can Enhance School Hygiene

Bringing in a commercial cleaning team can be a game-changer for schools aiming to ramp up their hygiene game.

They're professionals equipped with the know-how and the heavy-duty products that go beyond what your average cleaning regimen can achieve. 

They're adept at deep cleaning and disinfecting all those high-touch areas, using techniques and materials that are both effective and safe for school environments.

With their help, schools can ensure a consistently high standard of cleanliness, significantly reducing the risk of germ transmission. 

This not only supports a healthier learning space but also offers peace of mind to parents, students, and staff alike, knowing that every nook and cranny receives professional attention.

Ready to elevate your school's cleanliness? 

Reach out to our team today and let us transform your learning spaces with our expert commercial cleaning. It's all about creating a safe, hygienic, and inviting environment for everyone.

Get in touch – let's make your school shine!

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