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Summer Cleaning Essentials For Businesses

Summer Cleaning Essentials For Businesses

Summer has arrived! While it might be tempting to skip out on cleaning your workspace to steal some extra time in the sun, it’s important to continue prioritising office maintenance during this season (and throughout the year).

With elevated temperatures and employees frequently heading out on vacation, the warmest months of the year present some unique cleaning challenges. It’s easier to navigate this time of year, though, if you have a detailed cleaning plan in place.  

Below, you’ll learn some essential tips that will help you keep your office fresh and clean all summer long.

Scrub the Floors

If you live in the Queensland area, you know that the summer typically brings a lot of rain. Because of this, you might notice a lot of water and muddy footprints on the floors in your office during these months.

Make it a priority to mop the floors regularly to keep them clean and shiny. This will also prevent excess water from accumulating in areas where people could slip and fall.

Want to mop less often? Try laying out floor mats in the entryways of the office. That way,  people can wipe their feet before walking to their desks.

Clean the Carpets

In addition to mopping wood and tile floors, you should also clean your carpets regularly during the summer.

Start by vacuuming daily to suck up crumbs, dirt, dust, and other debris that get dropped or tracked into the office.

In addition to vacuuming, deep clean the carpets every three months with water and carpet shampoo. This will help to prevent and get rid of stains and eliminate odours.

Declutter for Summer

If you missed spring cleaning, don’t worry. The summer is also a great time to declutter your office.

Encourage your employees to set aside some time to clear out their desks and get rid of unnecessary items. Work together to declutter common areas like the breakroom and conference room, too.

You’ll be amazed at how much bigger and nicer the office feels once you’ve eliminated the chaos. You and your team may even be more productive as a result.  

Do Away with Dust

Dust can start accumulating in just 24-48 hours, so you need to stay on top of it. Otherwise, you and your colleagues may struggle with sneezing, coughing, and other allergy symptoms. Don’t forget that your customers or clients don’t want to spend time in a dusty, musty office, either!

Get in the habit of dusting at least a few times per week with a duster or a microfibre cloth. Clean desks, tables, bookshelves, and other surfaces to keep them looking fresh and clean at all times.    

Wipe Down High-Touch Surfaces

In addition to dusting, you should also recommit yourself to wiping down high-touch surfaces during the summer.

It’s easy to let these hygienic habits fall by the wayside when the weather warms up. However, remember that germs can be spread at any time, including during the summer season.

Frequently wiping down tables, countertops, desks, keyboards, phones, and other high-touch areas will keep your office clean and sanitary. It will also ensure you and your employees stay happy and healthy.  

Clear Out the Breakroom Fridge

When was the last time you (or anyone on your team, for that matter) went through the breakroom fridge and cleared out old items? Have containers sat there untouched for weeks or even months?

As the temperatures rise outside, it becomes even more important to clean the fridge consistently to get rid of spoiled food and prevent unpleasant smells from circulating throughout the office.

Start by conducting a thorough fridge cleanout at the beginning of the season. Toss out anything that’s expired, spoiled, or unclaimed. Then, wipe down the shelves and drawers with a cloth or paper towel.

After this cleanout, conduct a smaller one every Friday. Before your employees leave for the weekend, throw out anything that has been left in there. Let the team know that you’ll be doing this so they can rescue their belongings before they end up in the bin.

Clean and Close the Blinds

Blinds can easily collect dust and dirt during the summer. Make time to dust and wipe them down often to prevent this from happening and to keep the windows looking clean and inviting.

It’s also a good idea to keep the blinds closed in the summer -- at least at the hottest time of day. Closing the blinds helps to cool down the office and lowers energy bills. It can also protect the carpets and upholstery from fading and discolouration.

Stick to a Cleaning Schedule

It’s easier to do a little bit of cleaning each day or week than it is to deep clean the office a couple of times per year.

Create a cleaning schedule and distribute it throughout your office. Assign specific tasks to each team member, too, so everyone does their share (you can also rotate assignments so nobody feels like they got the short end of the stick).

Partner with Professional Cleaners

If you and your employees don’t have time to tackle office cleaning, there’s another solution -- hire a professional cleaning company to help you out.

Working with professional cleaners gives you peace of mind and allows you to rest easy knowing the office is being taken care of.

Professional cleaners also have access to high-quality equipment that cleans your office more thoroughly and efficiently than you can on your own. It’s also easier for them to access hard-to-reach or difficult-to-clean places.   

Get Help with Your Summer Cleaning Today

A solid summer cleaning routine will create a productive office environment and help you and your team stay focused. Keep the tips discussed above in mind so you can freshen up your office and retain that feeling throughout the summer.

Do you need extra help maintaining your office? If so, partnering with a professional commercial cleaning company is the perfect solution.

Clean Feeling is an award-winning commercial cleaning team dedicated to serving all kinds of workspaces, from offices and hospitals to schools and restaurants. Contact us today for a free quote.

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